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Management of Darkhorse Golf Club is very conscientious about the wonderful organizations and programs benefiting the communities of the Sacramento Foothills. Over the last several years Darkhorse Golf Club has given away many rounds of golf, complimentary lunches and free range balls. But as much as we would like to continue to support each and every organization doing great work in our neighborhoods, our business model will no longer permit such extensive donations. Therefore, we will be awarding only one donation per month.

Exceptions may be made for charitable organizations holding a golf tournament or large event function at Darkhorse Golf Club.

To be considered as a recipient of a Darkhorse Golf Club donation, the organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a 501c3
  • The charity/organization must be located in the Sacramento Foothills region or offering programs targeted to Foothill communities.

On the organization's letterhead please include the following information:

  • Name of Executive Director and/or Board President or other contact
  • Type of fundraising event with date, time, and expected number of attendees. If possible, also give brief history of event.
  • Reason for request (i.e. why are you fundraising?)
  • Fundraising goal and how the funds will be used.
  • Type of donation request - (i.e. complimentary rounds of golf, lunch, range pass, etc.)
  • Benefits to Darkhorse Golf Club (i.e. name recognition, free advertising, participation in community events, sponsorship, etc.)

Email and phone requests will not be considered.

All donation requests must be sent by postal mail and will be reviewed at the end of each month by the Darkhorse Golf Club management team. Please mail all requests to:

Darkhorse Golf Club
Attn: Steve Brodie
24150 Darkhorse Drive
Auburn, Ca. 95602